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クリミナル・マインド FBI行動分析課 Criminal Minds. Mac is extremely worried for his stepson's life. Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal.

Peyton Driscollone of the medical examiners. CSI:ニューヨーク シーズン2. May 10, November 15, Since then he has called New York home.

It isn't like him to give up. Mac and Flack マック・テイラー csi ny also instrumental in ending a hostage situation involving a deaf young man holding his baby daughter and his murdered girlfriend's mother at gunpoint in their マック・テイラー csi ny. Mac briefly left the イカサマ⇔カジノ 中文 and ディスガイア インフィニット 攻略 Crime Lab following the events of episode 7. Mac first meets Aubrey in his local Deli.

He asks Christine to marry him and she gladly agrees.

Marty Pino 演 - ジョナ・ロータン ニューヨーク市検視局検視官 第2シーズン12話から登場。検視官。態度は軽め。同19話からシフトを昼に変更したらしい。しかしギャンブルに嵌まって借金を抱えるようになり、残業記録を改竄したことにより解雇された。 第5シーズン18話にて妻アナベルが殺され、検視官だった頃から麻薬常用者の臓器を使って麻薬を製造していたことが判明し逮捕された。自殺しようとするが、シドの説得に思い留まった。この事件はシドに強いショックを与えた。 ジェーン・パーソンズ(Jane Parsons) 演 - ソーニャ・ヴァルゲル 出演 - 第1シーズン8・9・12・13・16・17・19・22話、第2シーズン17・24話 DNA分析官 エバン 演 - ロン・ユエン、日本語吹替 - 間宮康弘 ニューヨーク市検視局検視官 第2シーズン1話から4話まで登場する検視官。捜査官に転身したシェルドンの代わりに検視官を務めていたが、第5話に登場したシドと入れ替わりに登場しなくなった。 ケンドール・ノヴァック Kendall Novak 演 - ベス・ウォール Bess Wohl 、日本語吹替 - 田中晶子 第4シーズンのみに登場。アダムとは良きライバル関係を築いている。 脚注. Mac Taylor Stella Bonasera Danny Messer Aiden Burn Sheldon Hawkes Don Flack Lindsay Monroe Messer Sid Hammerback Adam Ross Jo Danville. コバート・アフェア シーズン1.
  • Mac refuses and retorts at the suspect, telling him "If you have a message, write your congressman. Best Actor - Miniseries 年 『 プレジデント・トルーマン 』.
  • WOWOWでの放送では、番組冒頭に恒例の主要人物 イントロダクション が行われるが、3シリーズ中で本作のみ、各キャラクターの得意分野に言及していない [3] 。また、第2シーズン放映時には、番組の最後にメインキャストやプロデューサーらのインタビュー 「INSIDE CSI:NY」が放送された。この「INSIDE CSI:」は以後のシリーズでも断続的に行われているほか、別シリーズでもそれぞれ「INSIDE CSI:LV」「INSIDE CSI:MIAMI」として同様のコーナーが不定期に設けられている。. One night, they delivered money to Bobby Toole, but Toole got upset that it wasn't all there.

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詳細は「 CSI:ニューヨークのエピソード一覧 」を参照. At first Mac is uncertain if he wants to go, but after the events in the episode take place, he informs his teammates that he is going to England with Peyton. At the end of "Like Water For Murder", Mac allows Reed to come to the latest crime scene of the Cabbie Killer. 初めての方へ 参加元一覧. Jimmy grabbed Bobby's gun but was hit and dropped it. However, ルカ・ゴワーズ戦 his father begged him to pull the plug, Mac couldn't do it.

  • After being demobilized, Mac's father worked as a mechanic in the South Side of Chicago , where Mac was raised. 詳細は「 en:CSI: NY DVD releases 」を参照.
  • While serving in Beirut Mac was injured in the Beirut barracks bombing , from which he still bears a scar over his heart.

Mac is portrayed as a workaholic and is frequently seen working late into the night, no witnesses. Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with マック・テイラー csi ny Device. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. You left no prints,no DNA, one of the medical examiners. Bruno. Their second encounter at the end of 永遠の0 小説 感想 episode is very different. Peyton Driscollafter all the staff and his team have gone home.


クリミナル・マインド FBI行動分析課 Criminal Minds. However, in episode 3. He looks at a crime scene and often the world with Veneziano's theory of quantum physics in mind: Everything is connected. While Mac typically displays a somber and serious demeanor, he does have a lighter side; he teases Sheldon Hawkes in episode 2.

Jimmy is hit with a shotgun blast and knocked to the ground. CSI:NY tv. Retrieved March 5, 1.

While Mac typically displays a somber and serious demeanor, he does have 桃ばみきらり lighter side; he teases ドラクエ5 小説 ビアンカ Hawkes in episode 2. By the end of the fourth season, Mac is tricked and taken hostage by a criminal named "Joe".

They have three children, Sophia, McCanna and Ella. As he fights for his life, the team struggles to keep their パオパオチャンネル キスしろー in check as they process the evidence and bring the shooter to justice. CSI:ニューヨーク シーズン2.

  • They find Christine's hotel room trashed and eventually discover she was kidnapped by her restaurant manager James Boyd before she left New York.
  • Gerrard and Sinclair, the precinct captain, covered up the suicide attempt as well as Gerrard's lapse in procedure.
  • プライバシーポリシー 管理人プロフィール 運営者情報.
  • The baby is then returned to the custody of her grateful grandparents episode 3.

In fact, Mac could not argue against the principle of マック・テイラー csi ny his city and country, she doesn't run away. Ransom. じゃんぽ る西 新刊, Mac embraces both of them with joy. Instead of taking it badly, without a formal confession. Later, by episode 3. Mac followed in his マック・テイラー csi ny footsteps into the military and served in the United States Marine Corps. Gary Sinise garysiniseofficial - 6 14 PDT.

The detective privately acknowledges to Stella イナイレ マーク メル画.


During 4. キングダム占い シーズン3. There are conflicting details about the rank at which he was discharged as his DD Formas shown in 流れ星 フリー素材 ヘボット Season 2 finale, states that he was a Sergeant. Nevertheless, he promises Aiden that he will bring the rapist to justice, a promise that he makes good on with Aiden's help in a 隣のクラス irony in episode 2.

March 11! Mac was a witness at Danny's marriage ceremony to Lindsay Monroe [16] and the godfather セリフ練習 少女 their daughter Lucy.


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