About Us ?

CIt is with honor and satisfaction that French Expat Company was created by launching a special health offer for expatriates on February 21, 2017..

This insurance, unique in its guarantees and pricing conditions, required a very careful study of the needs of Expatriates on five continents before launching its commercialization. It truly defies all the competition on the world market.

The subscription of the various offers proposed is available through our exclusive company whose new Paris headquarters is located 21 Boulevard Haussmann. In partnership with the main insurance companies specializing in the coverage of these guarantees, its objectives are to convince and insure the 3 million French expatriates and the 200 million expatriates globally in the world.

At the same time, and thanks to our different partnership agreements, our teams in Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia and the Middle East are indispensable relays to support our policyholders, customers and partners.

Through our insurance, we wanted to bring the best current guarantees with international companies and at unbeatable prices on the world market. Years of research were needed to adapt the offer to the demands and requirements of the insured and their insurers.

In addition, to facilitate the underwriting, management and payment of services, all modern secure means of communication are put to contribution (online subscription, electronic signature, centralized pre-acceptance 7d / 7, geolocation of affiliated health providers, centralized management platform, automated refunds ...).

You can find the details of our exceptional offers in the section "Our offers" or request your free quote by contacting our specialized advisers.



French Expat Company soon met with the most favorable feedback from specialists specialized in helping and informing expatriates, particularly French. Unsurprisingly, in the context of its international presence, our company has signed an exclusive agreement with the Husson Group, an insurance brokerage company specializing in special and international risks for accompanying expatriates. French abroad.

French Expat Company has also become, by this agreement, since the beginning of the year 2018, ambassador to the United States, Canada, Australia and England of French District. French District is the first guide in French in the United States. Recommended by the French and international press, the French District is the first online news site for French and French speakers living, visiting or interested in the United States.

Since its creation, the French District has written more than 4,800 articles, sent about 450 newsletters each year, and now attracts more than 3 million readers.